Collection and Research Management


 Collection and Research Management


Corema is available in three editions:
  • Personal edition: License for a single user.
  • Server edition: License for 2 - 9 concurrent users
  • Site edition: License for an unlimited number of concurrent users.


The prices for Corema are dependent on:
  • Number of concurrent users (edition)
  • Number of collections
  • Modules in addition to the Standard ones

The price starts at USD 2380 for a single user with one collection and the standard modules.
Request a quote or take contact for other prices.

Annual license fee

For all modules, a mandatory annual license fee of 20% will apply. The annual license fee includes technical support and an unlimited access to new versions and updates.

Data migration

Data migration is usually required and is offered as a service. The cost will vary depending on the database platform, complexity and data quality.


  • In Norway, a VAT of 25% will apply.
  • For the Collection Explorer module, a licence for an unlimited number of internet users is included.
  • Please note that modules cannot be exchanged between different editions.
  • Corema does not depend on third party products that require additional licence fees, but licence fees may be incurred, depending on the choice of database.
Last updated: 27 Aug 2020
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