Collection and Research Management


 Collection and Research Management


Corema is a multi-user system that runs on all recent versions of Windows. The system is built with Microsoft .NET and uses relational databases (SQL) for data storage. Corema is independent of specific database vendors and can use standard databases that support the core SQL language.

The system setup includes all the necessary software, excluding databases. The installation process is self-explanatory and expert assistance is usually not necessary.

Corema shares the data model and program code with IrisBG, a software package specifically adapted for botanical gardens.

Client computer

Corema runs on all Windows versions from XP to 10 and requires a free memory of about 100 Mb for optimal performance. Internet access from the PC is recommended. Corema can export data to various file formats (e.g. pdf, xlsx, xls, xml, doc) and the appropriate software for handling those file types should be present.


Corema has been designed for database vendor independence. Currently, the system has been tested and is supported for Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft SQL Azure. For single user installations, SQLite is also an option. We will consider support for other databases on request.


Corema can be used either in a network, against a cloud database or on a single computer.

Web server

The optional Web modules are built with Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 and Ajax technology. Currently the modules have been tested and are supported on Microsoft IIS. We will extend our web server support if there is sufficient demand.

Technical details

Corema is built on the Microsoft .NET 3.5 platform and uses ADO.NET for database access. The system is modularized and has a multi-tiered architecture. The development language is C#.

Last updated: 27 Aug 2020
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